Who will become the most popular ecommerce marketplace worldwide?

A recent article by Website Builder Expert shows the current spread of ecommerce marketplaces worldwide. With the recent news of Amazon’s $1 trillion dollar valuation it’s easy for us to forget there are major players other than Amazon vying for control of the ecommerce marketplace.

The map shows the most popular ecommerce marketplaces by country. The signature Amazon orange reigns over USA, Canada and Europe while Alibaba has control over China. Not to be outdone by the two giant ecommerce A’s (Amazon & Alibaba) other marketplaces are gaining momentum and regional control.

For example, Mercado Libre has market dominance in the LATAM & Caribbean region while ebay is still the preferred marketplace for shoppers in Australia. Africa remains the region up for grabs as ecommerce continues to develop and shape consumer preferences in the region.

In terms of global spread for geographic coverage Amazon with over 34 million km² and Naspers with over 23 million km² are covering the most literal ground. And, when comparing market penetration in terms of numbers of potential consumers Amazon, Alibaba and Mercadolibre have the greatest number of consumers to reach in their respective markets served.

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