Top Challenges of Selling Overseas:

It’s easy to think that selling overseas on your ecommerce website is as easy as a click of the button and submission of a new order. Before you start accepting orders overseas make sure to optimize not only your website but also your processes to ensure a smooth buying experience for both you and your customers. Here are some of the top challenges ecommerce retailers face when selling to international customers:

1. Fraud: Opening your online sales to new markets opens up a world of risk. New payment methods, new currencies and fluctuating foreign exchange rates mean new obstacles to verify and approve orders for your web sales processing team. SkyBOX Checkout can help with its 100% guarantee of all international transactions processed on their platform. For all approved international orders SkyBOX will cover you for risk of fraud and chargebacks.

2. Duties & Taxes: When curating your international customer experience think of the golden rule- treat others as you’d like to be treated. Imagine building out a shopping cart, placing an order online and then getting slammed with an additional bill upon delivery and having to take additional steps to clear your package in customs. Convenience and Clarity are critical to a positive online shopping experience. Nobody likes hidden fees or surprise charges upon delivery. By not displaying an estimate of the duties and taxes or identifying to customers that additional charges will be levied upon delivery your customers will be upset, potentially abandon their package, or file a chargeback. SkyBOX Checkout can help with our proprietary customs calculators. We guarantee our duty and tax estimates and provide a full landed cost solution with a convenient delivery experience that goes direct to the international customer’s door.

3. Customs Paperwork & Logistics Labeling: Each international destination and customs office has different rules, regulations and paperwork which they’ll require to release your item for export. Creating a flow for warehouse operators on how to navigate the different paperwork required for export can be tricky, time consuming and tedious. SkyBOX Checkout can help. You’ll just ship items to our distribution centers in Los Angeles, New York or Miami like any USA order. Our team will prepare commercial invoices and all customs paperwork for the international leg of your package.

4. Tracking: Integrating rates and tracking systems from different logistic providers and updating your communication flows to your customers to track their orders can be a pain. Finding an international shipping service that provides clear tracking once an order leaves the US is also a challenge. SkyBOX Checkout can help with our proprietary track and trace system. We provide a seamless end-to-end tracking solution to give you and your customers visibility of the shipment to 179 supported countries and territories. Regardless of which carrier is used your customers will see a simplified event based tracking from order placed to order delivered.

5. Customer Service: At the end of the day good customer service is key regardless of selling internationally or at home. SkyBOX Checkout can help you and your customer service team with our in house multilingual customer service agents. SkyBOX Checkout’s customer service agents are specialized in supporting international customers with purchases from retailers in the USA. They are available via email and local phone numbers to support customers with questions about international shipping, payments or order placement.