31 Billion Packages Shipped Globally in 2015

A recent study released by Pitney Bowes announced that ecommerce, global ecommerce and the associated parcel volume for international online orders are here to stay. The study reported that 31 billion parcels were shipped globally in 2015 and the number one area for growth within the parcel business of logistics is the ecommerce sector. The study found parcel volume is projected to increase by 20% in 2018. For more information on the findings released by Pitney Bowes study click here.

As international ecommerce continues to grow retailers are faced with the increasing complexity of navigating cross border commerce, delivering their packages to a global clientele, and maintaining a seamless customer experience across a variety of geography, language and cultures. It’s important to find a reliable partner to keep international deliveries as seamless as a domestic transaction, avoid additional hidden fees upon delivery like currency conversion, duties and taxes and maintain your brand integrity in new markets.

SkyBOX Checkout is an end-to-end international ecommerce solution and is poised to help retailers enter the world of cross border ecommerce. SkyBOX Checkout offers a turn-key solution for retailers who need help supporting their international volume. 

Key features of the SkyBOX Checkout solution include: competitive international shipping rates with full tracking to 200+ countries and territories, a localized shopping experience with local payment methods, local currency & language translation, a 100% guaranteed full landed cost solution, and multilingual customer service agents.
If you’re ready to join the 3.1 Trillion global ecommerce market, give us a call and SkyBOX Checkout will help you dive into the world of international ecommerce.