Business Plan Challenge FIU Track winners make tracks in healthcare, law and retail.

Check out the latest updates from the 2016 Miami Business Plan Challenge winners and a great feature on what SkyBOX Checkout has been up to since we participated and won third place in the competition last year.

International e-commerce is complicated and SkyBOX Checkout has a fix for that.

SkyBOX Checkout is an international e-commerce checkout platform that helps international customers pay for and receive merchandise. It is accessed by adding a plug-in to retailers’ websites. Last year, SkyBOX Checkout placed third in the Miami Herald Business Plan Challenge.
“We’ve worked on publishing new plug-ins for SkyBOX Checkout on Magento and Shopify. We’ve expanded local payment offerings and local logistic services to the destinations we support and we’ve strengthened our network internally with our sister company, SkyNET, to better optimize the international shipping and offer even more competitive shipping rates to our clients,” said Taylor Philippi, sales and marketing director. “We’ve had interest from the industry to white-label the technology.”
One feature SkyBOX Checkout has started to highlight as an add-on product is the option to utilize its sister company SkyNET’s SIMS inventory management system because the company found many clients are interested in outsourcing all of their international business to SkyBOX Checkout including the inventory management component.
Believe in your core product but don’t be afraid to listen to your customers. They are the ultimate users and best advocates of your business.
Taylor PhilippiSkyBOX Checkout
The weakening of global trade as well as the growth and presence of large retailers like Amazon in international markets have been challenges in the past year.
“It’s been challenging to compete with corporations that have such a large budget and staff to participate in trade shows, and other paid marketing initiatives. We’ve had to be much more selective in what we wanted to invest in terms of paid marketing than some of our competitors,” Philippi said. “We’re confident that our strength lies in our personal relationships with our clients and our 40-year history as a logistics organization with sister companies SkyBOX and SkyNET,” Philippi said.
SkyBOX Checkout, now a team of 10, is continuing to add new clients. It is creating more plug-ins/apps with add-on capabilities such as inventory management and fulfillment for e-commerce platforms, and in 2017, the company will be opening a new fulfillment hub on the West Coast.
Philippi’s advice for Challenge contestants: “Believe in your core product but don’t be afraid to listen to your customers. They are the ultimate users and best advocates of your business. Customers can offer great insights into new features or enhancements to the product that will help you succeed as you go to market.”